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  • 思行

Logic solves everything, except the values judged by people.

I’m a person that values everything around me. It’s like building a axiom system and figure out the actual things with logic. Actually, every person recognizes the world like me, with the only difference, whether to consciously know what the axioms are.

I’m always believing that people who think different, will somehow change the world. And, last semester, I believed I had met one.

It was on an English class, which required students to work in groups, and work out groups’ opinions upon some topics. In the class, we’ve got several interesting topics, which were thought-provoking and had a lot of things to argue with. But unfortunately, most of the students in class just came up with no ideas of the topics - I really don’t know how this would happen, but it was the fact. Another sad thing was, few of the students in class could make use of the Internet, where different people put different opinions upon things. So, briefly speaking, it was a class, with interesting topics, passionate teacher, and lazy students.

Then, on one class, a different thing happened. It was a usual Thursday morning, and all the groups in class just came to the platform, proposing their boring ideas with 1, 2, 3, 4, …, which I think was entirely nothing except finishing the teacher’s task. When all the groups finished their presentation, a student (I’ll call him Sir C later), told the teacher in his confident voice that he wanted to make an extra presentation. It was ice-breaking, when all the students were sleepy, and the presentation itself was wonderful.

The presentation was about the situation of the thinkers - it’s obvious that the modern world respects them, but in contrast, what we respect is not their thoughts, which are their reasons to be famous, but is their fame. It’s ridiculous. When analyzing their situation, Sir C said, the reason that their thoughts became meaningful is that they were thinking different, and in the world, not much people try to think different, and few of them, really think different.

I thought Sir C was thinking different at the moment, because almost all the student in the class were absent-minded when Sir C was making his presentation. I listened carefully, and I thought Sir C might be the same kind of person as me. He was brave, confident and original, and I was shocked by him.

Later we became friends, and he was the friend with high value in my heart, who have deep thoughts about things.

The perfect story went on, until we tried to work together on a project and had different attitudes towards one thing, which I thought was important and was ignored by him. I was quite disappointed at this, for he was not experienced at this, and he should have known himself. At last, after talking with him about the same topic many times, I gave up, for I thought that he was self-oriented, and I was self-oriented either, which would not come up with a proper idea. I decided to quit, and finally things just went on as what I had expected.

It’s just one thing, and there could be several likely things - that’s why I was disappointed, for it is quite hard to find people that really think different, and it is harder, to meet people of the same kind, and also, think different. It’s just out of logic.

Another thing that I should never forget, is that I live in China. Students hate schools here - they seldom interest in the knowledge, and for most of the students, their aim is to get higher scores, or, just to waste the four-year life, and find a job, to live a regular life.