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  • 技术

These days, I read some articles about Google’s technology, and used some of its products (especially, some of its programming frameworks, like GWT, Android) as well. Then I began to wonder, is Google still in the leading position of internet industry?

I read some comments about Google by Dhanji Prasanna, who was a former Google Wave developer, and later jumped to Facebook. I fully agree with his comments, for I found that there are several things about Google, not only the framework, that is terrible. Here are 3 of them.

  1. Poor documentation. We are not designers of the frameworks, how can we know the details about them without comprehensible documentation?
  2. Backward in some frameworks. Just like what is written in Dhanji Prasanna’s comments, GWT is poor, compared to Django, Pylons or Rails, and the development on Android, is terribly inconvenient compared to QT. Maybe the simplest thing Google should do about these frameworks, is saying goodbye to them.
  3. User experience. Should I say much about it? Just compare Android with iOS, or Google +1 with Facebook like.

That’s the bad words about Google. But all in all, I like many of Google’s services, like Gmail and Google Reader, and I love the searching result by Google - it really helps. By the way, I found looking for the documentation by Google searching is always better than reading Google’s own documentation. That’s funny, isn’t it?